Friday, April 17, 2015

OS-X Opinion

I honestly can not believe how bad OS-X 10.10 has gotten over its iterations from 10.10.0 to the recent 10.10.3 supplemental update. It's so slow doing things, the spinning rainbow wheel is the most common immediate action you see on the monitor, even moving files causes it.

It really surprises me how bad Apple has gotten with the sandbox rules they even hamper their own apps where they don't work by stalling or hanging for some time, sometimes enough I can get a cup of coffee in the kitchen (home office).

Adobe apps are so bloated you can measure their opening and opening files by reheating your cup of coffee in the microwave, and that takes from 1-3 minutes depending on how long it's sat cooling off. Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 is twice the size of Photoshop one or two versions ago.

And Safari 8 is a bust with loading Web pages, especially some of Tumblr's themes, and more so if they have audio or video files to load. It's the process, open the Web page, wait, it's loading, wait some more, ok some of it is there, scroll, wait, spinning rainbow wheel effect, some more of the Web page, ad naseum.

This is true of the themes with endless entries where you scroll and keeps adding posts, except Safari hangs every load of new posts. Some of it is my ISP but the speed hasn't changed (tested periodically) but Century Link isn't the best of them, just the best between them or Comcast.

Anyway, this is more a rant against the companies who argue net neutrality and don't make it happen with subtle tricks and companies, and companies, like Apple, who make software that sucks. Apple is going down the road Microsoft did by creating more users who hate their software but live with it.

Oh well, like there's a choice. Oh, right, there's Linux and Unix flavors (OS-X is Apple's Unix) but most major applications companies don't write for them and while they're better for the literate users (like me), they still require some level of competency (I started in Unix).

The problem is I like the user interface of OS-X and the controls you have for the setup, although less with recent upgrades of OS-X as Apple makes variations harder and third-party interface apps harder to keep updated and working.

I like it because I work in one large monitor and put all the app windows in different locations to work in between them easily, and it remembers where they open with what window size. Otherwise, my monitor has my background photo (one I took in Mt. Rainier NP).

And so I'll end this rant. I got tired of loading Web pages that didn't fully load, so I'll do something else now.

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