Monday, April 6, 2015

Pantone Color Manager

I have and use, being slightly, as many males are, blue-green color blind and have difficulty when colors are very close in color, shade, etc., Pantone's Color Manager, and under OS-X 10.9 it was a good application, but that has changed with 10.10.

Now about once a month the application will tell me my application has expired, and after the first time and instructions from the technical folks at Pantone, got it back by deleting the library and restarting the application which then downloads and rebuilds the entire color library.

After that finishes you have to close the app o recover the 1 GB the app uses of active memory, normally < 100 GB's, and the file cache of 3+ GB's, normally about 400 MB's. OS-X will clear the active memory, but you have to use the purge command to clear the cache.

That was the routine until OS-X 10.10.2 when it crashed during the rebuild. The Mac Pro went nuts as the application just used up all the available CPU and keep growing the file cache to cause the OS-X to simply shut it down.

After contacting the technical support, again, their response was more of the same, to delete the color library, but then to reload the application, which did what it did before. This time it finishes, but not until it's creates spindumps and crash reports for excessive CPU.

Then you have to close, run the purge command and reopen the app, above paragraph. And through it the technical support people keep saying the same thing about an update.

"Yes, we know one is needed and we're working on one."

Really. How long was OS-X 10.10 developer available, and how long has the public version been available and they're still saying we're working on it?

I like the application, but I wouldn't recommend buying it until they release a new version from the current one of 2.1.0. Save your money until 2.2 or something is released to save yourself the headaches and time routinely rebuilding the color library and application.

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