Saturday, April 18, 2015

Safari 8 and Tumbr

Ever since OS-X 10.10.0 to the recent update to 10.10.3, Safari 8, Apple's browser, has had problems with Tumblr themes which wasn't a problem with Safari 7 under OS-X 9 versions. And for while I thought it was my ISP, Century Link, which I'm not enamored with except they're better than Comcast.

About half the themes I encountered have problems loading with Safari 8, either not fully loading, but indicated the Web page had finished the download, or stalling while scrolling through a Web pages, especially ones with lots of images, video, and more so with audio files.

So I imported my entire Tumblr bookmarks into Google Chrome - ok, imported the Safari bookmarks and shrank it to the Tumblr bookmark folders - and have been making comparsion downloads and scrolling tests.

The subjective results is that the problem isn't the ISP or OS-X but Safari 8 and Tumblr, meaning whatever the Apple browser developers did with Safari 8, they really screwed the browser. In short, it's about half the download speed to present all the content without stalling or present the spinning rainbow wheel.

When it comes to Tumblr account, Google Chrome runs circles around Safari 8! Really.

Apple needs to really sit down and test Safari on Tumblr for a large variety of themes to really see how bad it is, which suprises me - ok, not really considering they've known this since the first version of Safari 8 - they don't test it on Tumblr accounts and themes.

While I still like Safari 8 as my default browser, I won't anymore when it comes to Tumblr. There Google Chrome wins hands down against Safari. Now if Google Chrome's bookmark editor was easy and simple. It sucks. I like Safari's by a long shot, it's easy to see, edit and rearrange entries, something Google Chrome takes time to learn and use.

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