Friday, May 1, 2015

French App Companies

Never buy an application from a French company. Yeah, overly simplified statement but I've had experiences with two of them, Tri-Edre and ADNX, and both are bad experiences, the former because they develop and sell bad applications and the latter because they cheat buyers.

A ferw years ago I bought several applications from Tri-Edre and after using them a short while discovered they're a waste of time and money, too hard to use and they don't do thing easily. So they sit in the applications folder collecting bit dust.

I also bought Xscan from ADNX which I liked but a few years ago they started charging a license fee for updates for this application. Not much but enough because these weren't upgrades to newer versions which you expect to pay for them, but simple updates.

Then they decided last year to freeze the applications unless you buy a license for an update. Really, the old version wouldn't start because they locked it when you open it. But then they moved the app to the Apple App Store for free but it's an almost useless application, half as many features and they don't work as well.

So, I bought an application I can't use anymore, even though I own it, because they locked it. This isn't new as developers build in expiration dates or locks, or have the app check home to lock if you're not a paid subscriber.

But to stop the old version from working sucks! And so that's my story with French application companies. They don't get my Euros anymore.

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