Saturday, May 30, 2015


What’s wrong with the American idea is that it’s based on the notion of power. He, and it’s always assumed to be a he, who has the power does everything they can to stay in power, including preventing the rest of society from acquiring the skills to get into and fight for power with education, jobs, access of what those in power have and know.
This requires a systematic operation to appear to be concerned about all the people and selling the dream of power to everyone at the same time covertly preventing anyone else from attaining power. And that takes money to be elected and stay in power. It’s an oligarchy disguised as a democratic republic. And it doesn’t matter the name of the political party, they’re both equally corrupt for the same goals and purpose, to get and keep power over everyone else.
And yes, it was designed from the begnning of our nation when the founders excluding minorities and women. Only white male land owners were included in power, under the guise of democracy. The rest were bought and sold a lie.

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