Sunday, May 10, 2015

F-1 App

Using it for the Spanish Grand Prix with the live TV broadcast, it's clear the F-1 app is still a waste of time and money, especially for the $26 they charge for it. It doesn't keep updated in real-time, often minutes late, often jumbles the order, and not always because of pit stops, and often just stalls and you have to kill the app to refresh it, sometimes rebooting the iPad.

They're released several updates in the last two months since my last report and nothing appears to be  better. They could learn from NASCAR's or Indycar's real-time data streaming, and both of those have more cars, NASCAR 43 cars, and Indycar 24-26 cars or more (Indianapolis 500). Those data streams are current and work.

If this version of the app doesn't improve during races then it's more a waste as they're charging too much for an app compared to the free ones NASCAR and Indy car provides viewers. On the good side, sometimes it does actually work as the information is current, but that's too few and far between when it should be for the whole race.

Anyway, that's my view of it. It's your money, and for me, it's still a question, great when it works, but it doesn't work consistently, which may in part may not be due to the app or source but the Internet and ISP, which for me is Century Link, not one I'd recommend for the service.

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