Saturday, May 30, 2015


If you want to really appreciate food, take some major, commonly used ingredient out of your diet. Say, wheat. Take everything made from or with wheat out of your diet, no matter how the amount of wheat in the food, just take the food out of your diet. From bread to prepared foods, anything with wheat. Do this for a month, minimum. Then see what you eat and decide how much you like wheat and wheat it does for the foods you eat.

Any bets you can’t do it? If you can, then remove another major food, like meat, such as beef, or starches, such as potatoes, or green/leafy vegetables, or classes of fruit, or dairy products, or eggs, or so on down the list, one group per month for a year or so. Then you’ll see how much food is a part of your life, not just your meals, snacks, etc., but how you live, shop and most of all, how and what you enjoy.

But start with wheat. Any bets at the end of the first month, the first thing you’ll eat is a hamburger on a big bun, a big cinnamon roll or stack of pancakes, or a pizza?

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