Sunday, May 31, 2015

Just Maybe

When it comes to fighting the Islamic State (IS), just maybe it’s time the President followed the old adage, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”, and consider letting Russia resupply Syria with all the weapons it needs to fight and defeat IS in Syria and re-establish governance over all of Syria, and consider letting Iran’s military and Iran-backed Hezbollah militias fight IS on the ground in Iraq while we provide air support and missions against IS in both countries alongside the coalition of other Middle Eastern countries.
We’ve admitted no single military, including the US, unless we put tens of thousand fully supported troops on the ground, can defeat IS, but a coalition can, regardless of their political affliation or diplomatic ties. The Islamic State needs to be defeated, and the sooner the better, so the choice for the US to be all in, like we did before or partner with whomever wants to fight them.
The strategy about the old adage is not new. We’ve partnered with our enemies before, and there is no reason we can’t now for fighting the IS. It’s time to put ego and bravado aside and be realistic with the IS.

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