Thursday, April 16, 2015

WTF Apple

Update.--After shutting the Mac Pro down for awhile it's back to normal for the initial state, 1.3 GB's of app memory and 1.3 GB's of wired memory. I rebooted several times and even shut it down several times with no change but noticing Safari and apps running very slow, I shut it down again and the restart cleared whatever was causing the problem.

Original Post.--I don't know where Apple's thinking is anymore but they seem to break more shit with OS-X than they fix. With OS-X 10.10.3 and iTunes 10.2.1 the "Free Space" calculation for devices is very wrong, by a factor of 2-3 times from the actual usage stats in the device. They didn't fixed it with the latest update.

Today they updated 10.10.3 with a supplemental update that now either doubles the app memory usage stat or miscalculates it with the Activity Monitor app. It's like no one is checking the simple things anymore at Apple that many users use!

Really Apple, it's a real WTF moment to see such stupid little mistakes be created and not fixed. It makes me wonder what they're doing besides selling new products and leaving bugs and problems unfixed. This is really stupid on their part.

Any bets these won't get fixed soon? Like Apple really cares anymore about the obvious?

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