Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Curious why

I’m curious when you judge a person, especially someone famous or a celebrity, for their character and personality, or for what they’ve said or done, it’s ok when the person being verbally attacked isn’t black, but when that person is black, suddenly it’s racism, and black people attack the person doing the criticizing, except other black people, who'll make the same criticisms but they’re not attacked.

It's just an observation in passing, which is curious why white people can't be critical of black people without incurring the label of racism and black people use the racist card when white people call them out for call criticism of blacks racism. It's seems some black people think only black people have the right to criticize other black people, forgetting they're just people regardless of their race.

It's not necessarily widespread but often enough to cause me to go, "Huh?"

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