Wednesday, February 17, 2016


It’s not that our military isn’t the best in the world, it is, but greatly overbloated and expensive, something solved with prudent excising of unnecessary programs and changing to match the world conditions now and expected for the next decades. 
It’s that our enemies, no matter how small, not only don’t fear us, seek to engage us, and use us to recruit believers to fight against the best military in the world. It’s also that our tecnological advantage has almost evaporated as many governments and terrorist groups acquire better weapons and technology available from governments like China and Russia, through wars with governments supplied by major weapons countries, or through the black market provided by other countries. 
The enemies have shown that technology wins battles but doesn’t win wars. America likes to win wars but struggles to win battles. We base our pride on patriotism on winning wars, which is why wars like Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq divides us about our view on the military, and why politicians keep creating imaginary enemies to sell a bigger military which isn’t necessary or needed, the money better spent on domestic programs and for international diplomacy.
The cost of our military is more than the cost of the military of the next dozen or so nations on the list. It’s why we could easily cut our military by 10%, even more, and still be the best in the world. Even military planners know this and have agreed to lower military budgets, but politicians keep funding programs and weapons the military doesn’t want or need. They’ve expressed that over and over.
The answer is to critically look at our miiitary and reduce it with the associated costs, some of which could go to veterans programs to help those who needs jobs, help, healthcare, etc., and some of which could rebuild this country as the best country for it’s infrastructure, education, environment, healthcare, support for low income families, and everything else.
It’s time to get real with our military and its costs, very real with the goal to reduce it by 10-15% for the immeidate future and reduce costs by the same for decades. Let’s put the money to better use for Americans and the world.

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