Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I've been wearing Gramicci's Original G shorts for years. I liked everything about the old style and size. I eventually added a dozen pair of Rock G shorts , and after having them shortened to the length I like (8.5" inseam than the 11.5" inseam they came), which are my everyday shorts.

I haven't worn long pants since September 2012 no matter the northwest weather. The shorts are that comfortable. I wear the original G shorts for work around the place, but after all the years most of the pairs were worn our, mostly on the waistband.

So when Gramicci oftered half off their Original G shorts recently I bought 4 pair to replace the aging, non-public pair, leaving only 2 good old pair.I was greatly disappointed in the new Original G shorts for a few reasons.

First, the legs are longer, and I had to have an alteration shop shorten them to the length of the old shorts. But it turned out the new shorts have a shorter inseam for the same length because the shorts are baggier - or "roomier" as some might say - and such that they just hang on my body than fit.

I've lost nearly 50 lbs in the last 3 1/2 years, from around 190 lbs to just over 140 so far, with another 5-7 lbs of fat to lose. The German side of my heritage as my grandparents used to say. This means I'm now somewhere between a small (too small) and a medium (too big), why the medim fits so big on me now.

But my point here is that Gramicci has changed the style and size of the Original G shorts, which for me doesn't work. I'll keep wearing the old shorts and relegate the new ones to the bottom of the stack if I don't donate them. I just don't like shorts or pants that baggy.

I like a comfortable fit, but these are comfort and some. I've written Gramicci to express my view, and maybe they'll change the size of the Original G shorts, but I'm not holding my breath.

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