Sunday, February 21, 2016


It's ironc that while many politicians, even political parties, in the US and Europe are decrying the problem of illegal Muslim immigrant are the problem with terrorism, blame all Muslims for the acts of a very few.

The problem with that view is that the vast majority of terrorist are citizens, and others are legal immigrants, always entering the countries through immigration ports, and getting legal status to visit or reside in the countries. 

This includes all of the 19 terrorists involved in the September 11, 2001 attack in the US. All were in the US legally and never broke the law during their stay until September 11th. This also includes most of those in attacks in Europe.

The politicians who argue for closing the border to Muslims are only playing on the fears of people and especially voters. They're using Muslims as their scapegoat forgetting there are almost as many Muslims in the world as Christians, and from as many countries.

Some countries are dominated by Muslims, including the government, which often follows both secular and sharia law. Yet we don't blame the population of those countries for our problems identifying the few terrorists.

And the FBI has reported every year the greatest threat to the US isn't Muslim terrorist groups, it's other groups, like white supremicists, anti-government militias, the KKK, etc., where almost the entire group are white, who often cite christian principles and the Bible as their source of values and law.

That's the irony. Whites shouldn't use the few Muslims to blame all of them unless they're willing to blame all whites for the acts of the white extremists, such as Timothy McVeigh, who commited the second most damaging act of terrorism in our history, or all the mass shooters in the last decade.

And the FBI continues to report that the deaths acts of terrorism, whether you call the mass shooting sor not, from white extremists far outnumber those of Arab or Muslim extremists by almost an order of magnitude.

That's the reality politicians don't want to admit. Whites our own worst enemy, they live among us. They look like us, live like us, work like us, but hate differently, and yet we don't want to admit it because they're white and Christians.

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