Wednesday, April 1, 2009

JMO - Dear Spammers

Give it up. I don't bite and your wasting bandwidth for everyone else. I have yet, nor do I plan, to respond to e-mails about this or that product or service. If I want a product or service, I look it up on the company's Website, find stores or shops with it, and go there. I only buy off the Internet with a few companies which respect my information. So you're wasting your time sending the e-mails, and my time deleting them.

I don't even look at them. I know who's e-mail I can read with assurances it's not a solicitation or spam and all the rest get deleted without even a glance. The only exceptions are the occasional ones I like to see if the return address is real, not the one in the e-mail but the routing information, something you can't hide or disguise.

So, I'm sending ya'll a blanket request to remove me from your lists. Otherwise, I don't and won't care about your products or services. Your e-mails are instant history. Some don't get through my ISP's filter, most get dumped into the junk folder and deleted without viewing, and the rest get deleted and erased in bulk.

So, here's the deal, you stop sending me e-mails and I'll stop complaining and criticisizing spammers as the scum of the Internet. Like you're going to honor this and I'm going to honor my promise? Hey, it's your choice.

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