Wednesday, April 1, 2009

JMO - Food should be food

I was reading an article in this week Science section of the New York Times about prebiotics, digestive health supplements, naturally found in some foods. They said that some companies are now adding it regular foods to help boost the health value and benefits of the foods. But there is a downside to this practice.

We've seen more and more foods have more and more additives and supplements when just simple regular health supplements will do the same thing, and assuming people take vitamins, which now are more comprehensive supplements than vitamins, and other supplements, we're overdosing our bodies with supplments. But this prebiotic is another step where people are actually being hurt by reducing the foods they can eat.

Why? Simple. Some people have adverse reactions to digestive health supplements. They can't take digestive health aids, whether as additives or supplements in food because it will cause or exacerbate problems with the balance of the digestive system. I am one of those people. A few years ago I took several digestive health supplements with every day with meals, until the flu caused a shift in my digestive system causing any of these supplements to produce a severe adverse reaction.

And now the list of foods I can eat is getting shorter, not so much because of the food but all the additives and supplements in them. They're simply too much for my body and system. And so I'm now focusing on foods that are simply food. Outside of just a few foods which I have a history of eating, I can't and don't eat any food that has any additives or supplements in it.

Food should be food. Nothing more and nothing less. For the sake of our health, it's time we reduced the overdose of additives and supplements in food. We don't need them in so many foods with many of the same additives and supplements. Our bodies are being inundated with these ingredients which don't really help and aren't really necessary in those foods.

There are simplier ways to control and have additives and supplements without having to focus on reading the ingredients label of every food to ensure our body doesn't overdose. I know I have to now, read every label of every food, and not buy foods I know contain these additives and supplments. Not for the food but these extra ingredients, nothing that contains anything that remotely "aids" the digestive system.

Ok, I'm in the small percentage here. But that's enough for me. I'm in my own 100 percentile. My life, my body, my health. And food should still be food. Just food.

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