Sunday, April 12, 2009

NPR - Easter Sunday

Photo NPS Webcam

It's that day as some like to say and recognize. Being a Taoist, it's not that important to me. So I can ponder the day as any other and wonder what people see in this day. I'm not against Christianity or Christians. It's their belief as Taoism is mine. And I'm sure the couple being the first at Paradise today don't have Jesus on their minds, except maybe, "Thank God for snow!"

Anyway, this is more of a ramble across a weekend in a life. Yesterday I learned the lesson of using your finger to be a door stop. When I opened the driver's side door on the van I forgot I parked too close to the post in the carport and slammed the door against the post with my middle finger inbetween. It turned red then blue. I drained some blood from it and am keeping the hole in the nail open to relieve the pressure.

And yesterday I called some stores to verify if they had something I wanted that they sold, auto parts, photography equipment and books. They all said yes they did have the stuff. Except the autoparts store didn't have enough of what I wanted, just what would do for awhile. The photo shop had one part of the gear but not the other one and had no plans to get it for awhile. The bookstore clerk said the book was in their in-house inventory but they couldn't find it on the shelves.

It was just one of those days. We've all had those days, some even worse. This was just the accumulation of small things over the whole day. But it's past and I'll adjust. While I do buy many things on-line, I do try to support small and/or local businesses. I've found they're often within the same price range and the value is being able to see the product and take it home. That's worth something, to me anyway.

But the day wasn't a total waste. I did spend some time in a local cafe (The Spar) reviewing (print versions) of Web pages for the photo guide. They make a nice double mocha (and beside great food too). I'm working on the five individual section Web pages (Web page) for the first spring (May 1) edition.

Anyway, it's now yesterday and it was far better than many places people live in the world today. And compared to all the other 6 billion people's lives yesterday, I don't have much to complain about. So, to my God I'm thankful. Nothing against Jesus, I'm sure he was a great guy then, but his reputation has been a public relations specialist's dream, thanks to the Bible.

But there are days I wonder if he were alive today, what would he say about the state of the world, but also the state of religion, especially what's been done and being done in his name. I think he might have some new words for a lot of people, including religious leaders and church members. Something about the equality, importance and value of human beings maybe?

I know he'd be just a tad bit angry at all the discrimination done in his and God's name. And I know he'd disagree with the different interpretations of his words these two millenium later. And he might even look to God to ask, "My God, what have I done?" But I sure wouldn't mind meeting him to chat about life. I'm sure he has some interesting stories to tell.

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