Thursday, April 16, 2009

JMO - Trust Us

Remember hearing that from our government over the years? Especially when ole' George W. Bush said it or implied that he and the government were working hard to keep America and Americans safe from terrorists? And he wanted more freedom to do that? And while we gave him a lot of latitude, deep in our hearts and minds we told ourselves, "Yeah, right."

Well what has the Patriot Act and other acts giving wide power to the federal agencies to investigate and conduct surveillence on Americans brought us? Safer? Not if you read the studies and reports. More secure? Same thing. Freer? Like not. What it has done is allow the FBI to conduct investigations on innocent Americans under the guise of terorism using the least, and even circumstantial, evidence to validate the investigation. It's allows secret silent search warrents on the same premises.

And now today we read the National Security Agency (NSA) has been using the same laws to conduct surveillence on domestic telephone and Internet traffic. We all know they do this by splitting the data stream off from the telecommunications companies at their hubs, usually routing international traffic in and out of the US. But exclusively domestic traffic also goes through those hubs and now we hear the NSA doesn't have the technology to know the difference.

The law prohibits surveillence on domestic traffic, only international traffic, but the law doesn't have compliance rules and penalties if the NSA violates the law. But more importantly the article said the NSA "inadvertently" targeted Americans engaged in purely domestic communications, a clear violation of our rights and protections. Yet, all they said was, "We're sorry. And we've discontinued the practice."

Well, yeah right. The NSA has consistently and constantly lied to Congress, to the media and worse to the American people. So believe me when I say I don't trust you anymore. Not even for an instant. You're the worst enemy of the American people. Worse than terrorists. Worse than criminals. Worse than anyone could imagine. You lost the trust we placed in you to be fair and honest.

You never spoke the truth, and even now are spinning the truth into "mistakes" or "accidents" when in reality, you knew and did nothing to stop it. Then covered it up with lies. And now you're asking us to trust you'll fix the "problems" and not do it again. Sorry, you've spent your trust capital with the American people. You were never for us, and never trusted us beyond what you could hear or read from us, excuse me gather inadvertently.

So, the trust is gone and maybe we need some transparency to really know the depth of your lying. Or will you continue to ask for trust with a deficit account with the American people? Remember, we're not the enemy. The terrorists are, so focus on them. Then I'll begin to think about trusting you again.

Like you'll believe me? Yeah right, "Right back at ya dude."

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