Saturday, April 11, 2009

NPR - The Simple Choice

Every day we get up and we face the simple choice. Today I can get better or I can get worse. There is nothing in between. Every day we age. Every day we have memories of yesterday. Every day the world around us has changed, Everyday everyone else has changed. Some days the changes are small and imperceptible and we don't feel like we've changed at all. But we have, however slowly and in small increments. It's the truth and reality of life.

Our life. Just like everyone else's, but this one is ours. Ours to choose. To make the simple choice. We can get better or we can get worse. And every day when we go to sleep we're faced with the reality of that choice from our life that day and all the events of the world. It doesn't matter what else happened. What everyone else did. Or even if we faced hard choices or had huge experiences. It's always back to that choice.

In the end it's really that simple. It's the simple choice. Every day. Every moment of our life.

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