Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Rules

Updated February 16, 2013.-- See last two rules.

I've written about Internet forums and those who create them are kings and dictators. I won't go into those issues here, because I want to explain what my rules are here for people interested in entering comments on the short essays. They're actually pretty simple and straight-forward as I'm fairly open-minded and flexible with comments and give the commentor a lot of latitude.

And with that said, here are the rules.

First, remember it's only life, meaning smile. I will take almost anything with a smile.

Second, be positive. Negatives will get your comment deleted. It's the old adage if you can't say anthing positive, don't say anything at all, and if you can't express a negative in a positive way, learn. It will save you all of anger at you later in life.

Third, be honest. Don't bullshit me.

Fourth, be on point. Off-point and your post is history. Want to say something else, get your own blog.

Fifth, teach, don't lecture. If I'm wrong, cool, teach me what you know or think is right, but lectures will be history.

Sixth, be open to discussion. A closed mind doesn't let any light in to refresh the spirit and soul, let alone learn.

Seventh, be real. Don't hide or disguise. I don't.

Eighth, don't advertise. That's the quickest way to be history, see rule about links (below).

Ninth, be understandable, meaning write correctly.

Tenth, be respectful. No personal attacks.

Eleventh, don't be indignant. Make your point but don't bludgeon the reader.

Twelfth, use English. It's the language of the majority of the readers.

Thirteenth, no proselytizing, either with responses or links.

Last, I decide if links to your blog are relevant or not and which will stay or not.

That's it for now. They're flexible and I'll update them as appropriate. And if you can't abide by them, I don't have a problem. I'm notified of comments and I'm the administrator. Your comments can easily be history. After all it's my blog. If you want to rant against my essay, use your own blog.

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