Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Three Americas

We have three Americas. The Republican America which is divided among several groups, the wealthy, the corporate CEO's, the tea party, the conservatives, the religous pro-lifers, the gun rights extremists (as opposed to normal gun owners), and the rest of them.

The 11-million undocumented people with their families currently living and working in the US and who deserve to be Americans.

And the rest of us, the majority of Americans who are the real people who believe in the diversity of this country, believe in sharing, believe in good government, believe in building and rebuilding America, believe in creating jobs, believe in small business, believe in science, believe in education, believe in healthcare for everyone, believe in helping everyone who wants help.

And while the Republicans think they are "the Americans", they are not. We are, the majority, the 99% of us, and all of us who agree on what is America for all of us. That is the fight for this country, the fight against the wealthy and corporations buying our politicians, buying our government and even buying our Supreme Court.

That's what's at stake, our country.

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