Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mr Reid

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid,

Is the Republicans blocking (filibuster) of the nomination of Chuck Hagel to be the new Secretary of Defense your idea of the new rules you bargained with minority leader Mitch McConnell? Is this your idea of change we expected by just tweaking the rules than actually changing them?

You had 58 votes to get the nomination of Mr. Hagel over the filibuster, but it was two votes short. So who's running the Senate, you and the democrats or the minority republicans? Didn't we vote for the democrats to change things and move this country forward?

And this in just the second month of the first year of this Congressional session. Gee, and you expected something different from the Republicans? You expected they were honest in the negotiations and honorable to actually abide by the new rules and old traditions?

You've been conned by the Republicans and by minority leader McConnell, who bragged about beating you in the negotiations. You screwed your own party and now you screwed the American people too by letting the wingnuts run the Senate.

Any bets it gets worse from now to November 2014 when we get the chance to change things again.

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