Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fair Trade II

Here's another fair trade, as is being discussed by half a dozen states. You want to own a gun, fine if you are a legal, responsible gun owner who abides by the federal and state laws for buying, owning an using a gun, but then you have to carry liability insurance, as you carry property insurance, for any damage done by anyone with your guns.

That's fair since liability insurance is standard with anything else people own and use, homes, property, cars, etc., so having full liability insurance for injuries or death of others, loss of job and income, cost of healthcare, etc. goes along with owning a gun, no matter who uses it. It's your gun.

Sounds fair to me that if anyone is hurt, especially killed with a gun, and especially by anyone in a home where guns are owned and kept, they should be entitled to compensation from the gun owner. No different than anything else which can cause death or injury to others.

I applaud this idea. Take responsibility for owning a gun and pay if it causes damage or harm.

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