Friday, March 1, 2013

Dear Tea Party

Dear Tea Party,

We, the rest of America and Americans have heard your cry to cut government spending. We agree the government needs to spend more wisely, efficiently and effectively, but not cut programs which helps those in needs, education, infrastructure, environment, food safety, employee rights and protections, etc.

You get the idea. Government spends a lot of money everywhere to help all Americans, but we recognize you're interest to cut spending, so we, the democrats and independents, have an offer you certainly can't refuse.

We know that the majority of Tea Party members register as republicans to vote, and we know that the Republican party and many republican politicians in Congress do what the Tea Party members ask, just ask Speaker Boehner who recites you're political rhetoric all the time.

So here's the deal and it's guarranteed to cut the annual deficit and the longterm annual debt by more than you want. We will use the voter registration roles in every state and designate that no federal money will be specifically spent on any government services or program for republicans.

And we will pass a law prohibiting any state or local government from using any federal money to support any service or program for republicans, only democrats or independents. This applies to Social Security, Medicare, and other entitlements programs long used by Tea Party members and Republicans.

We estimate that alone will provide a 40% savings across the board for the entitlement programs ensuring their longterm financial stability. If you want a retirement plan, save and invest your own money, not ours. If you want health insurance, go on the free market you always says works for people.

This also means to ensure you don't abuse the privilege, we will allow state and local government to recoup any costs provided to you as Tea Party members or Republicans, for sevices and programs which are difficult to charge individually, such as roads, police, fire, emergency aid, etc.

In those cases, all those services will be billed to you on a per use monthly basis. Failure to pay your bill will result in the state or local government recouping their costs through legal proceeding on your income, your investements, your property or other financial assests you have.

And should anything happen to you, like a major disaster, major medical bill, or anything of significant personal debt, all we'll say is, "Good luck." In other words, you want less government, then you pay for it. We want government and are more than willing to pay our fair share of taxes for government services and programs.

So, that's the deal. You want to cut govenment, government will cut you out of it's services and programs. We certainly don't want to burden you with being a good American and helping all of us like we all do and all should. But not you.

Oh, and by the way, good luck with your independence from us, the rest of America and Americans. We don't need or want you unless you want to be part of us, all of us.

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