Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Women's Reproductive Healthcare

Instead of fighting all the states' laws denying women's reproductive healthcare, what if there was a federal law ensuring all women have equal rights to reproductive healthcare everywhere and no state or legal entity in a state could deny, restrict or prohibit a woman's right to access reproductive healthcare?

Something like, "The right of a woman to access information, products, facilities, providers, services and proceedures for her reproductive healthcare shall not be denied, restricted or prohibited by any State or any government or legal entity in a State by law, regulation or other legal means for the purpose of denying, restricting or prohibiting the above described rights."

What if there was a federal law guarranteeing the right of all women for their reproductive healthcare anywhere in the US which could not be controlled by any State? One law banning all States from undoing a basic woman's right? Isn't that what the Civil Rights Act is for?

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