Friday, March 22, 2013

People I don't listen to

Over the years I've grown tired, or really my ears and brain have grown tired, of listening to certain people, either because of the rhetorical or the polemic speeches. And while this includes almost anyone on the right, meaning republicans, extremists, religious leaders, etal, it also includes some on the left, from the center to the extremes.

And who pray tell of the liberals or even progessive liberals don't I listen to? Well, for starters, Ralph Nader. I owned a Chevolet Corvair, a 1965 model, and while he trashed the 1963-4 model, he trashed a good car if you knew how to drive it. I never liked him after that.

While I have a good measure of respect for these people, others are Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and others I'm at a loss to remember until I see or hear them talking (I often pipe the sound from the TV to the office like radio so I don't see them but hear them).

I'd add Bill Clinton because he always strikes as someone who likes to hear himself talk so he speeches, comments or responses are lengthy for no reason except his voice. I listen to him but only for awhile, after which he's tiring trying to find the nugget in the words.

Everybody else is worth listening to, until they talk too long or ramble for no reason with no point or conclusion. Anyway, it's just my rant about people we hear a lot of on the news shows.

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