Friday, March 29, 2013


Republicans, apologizing for your stupid, insensitive remarks doesn't change your stupid, insensitive remarks, doesn't even change your true thoughts or feelings, it only changes the words you add to your stupidity and insensitivity.

Republicans, changing your message won't bring you more voters. For that you have to change your heart, and that's not likely to happen because you keep making stupid, insensitive remarks, see above.

Republicans, speaking Spanish or talking about women's right won't win those voters when your party platform expressly discriminates against Hispanic people and women.

Republicans, you might want to revisit history, like the Reagan Republican era about conservatism and compromise - like with Democrats, because you're on the "road to nowhere" unless you change and repeat history of political parties who fade into history.

Republicans, oh hell, forget it, you're not listening anyway, you're blind, deaf and dumb and you're looking like the three wise monkeys than politicians, let alone Americans.

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