Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Math

Senator Reid,

Here's the math.

The NRA & Gun Inc.   - 41 (Republicans)
The American people - 59 (Democrats)

You tell us we can't win. You tell us you're the Senator leader. You tell us the Republicans and the NRA are more important to fight for than the American people.

The American people want change, banning assault weapons, limiting magazines, universal background checks, anti-trafficing, more authority and money for the ATF, and all the rest of the moderate gun regulation laws. Here's our math.

The American people - 315 million
The NRA & Gun Inc.   - 1

We stand with change. Where are you? Where is your courage? We've been waiting. Here's the math.

80+ die from guns everyday in this country.

They can't wait anymore, they're dead.

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