Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's not about the money

While the members of Congress and the White House argue the healthcare reform bill, they're forgetting one thing, and that is, "It's not about the money." The Republicans and blue dog Democrats don't care about the average American and don't care if the bill hurts those with existing health insurance. They're only concerned about the deficit.

Except that's a shame and a scam. We'll spend over $1 Trillion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by 2010, and more in the coming years. We've spent over $1 Trillion on the financial corporate bailout and nearly another $1 Trillion on the various aspects of the Stimulus packages. You lost the government nearly $2.4 Trillion in the Bush tax cuts. All passed by Congress. George Bush raised the deficit more than any president with the largest government funding bills, nearly doubling in his eight years.

And Congress didn't bat an eye passing those bills. And now they're whining about something which effects every American every day? That's the stuff you find in pastures just after the herd came back to the barn. But they don't care, because they have affordable healthcare and they're rich. Not one of them is understands what it's like today to live on the wages and salaries 80+% of American live on, and especially the ~20% near or below the poverty line.

They need for forget the costs and focus on the real issues of healthcare reform, making adequate or better health insurance available and affordable for every American, and not hurt anyone else's health insurance plans. I know in the 500+ amendmentsa are many which require Americans to face higher insurance costs, less coverage, denial risks and so on down the line.

Those amendments are aimed at helping Americans, but hurting them while we and the government make the health and drug industry richer. It's not our money they're worried about. It's the corporations' money who have donated to every one of them and lobbied them behind closed door more than we have let alone could. They, as one former industry executive said recently, own Congress to ensure they (Congress) won't hurt their bottom line and really improve it.

We elected the members of Congress but money is getting the votes. And Congress is putting their votes where they money comes from. There are exceptions, but few and not in positions to change anything in our favor. But in the end all we get are words of what this may do, but in reality will do, which is hurt the vast majority of Americans. The ole less for more routine while the corporations get more for less.

And right now if I had to vote, I'd vote to kill everything associated with healthcare reform. Yes, our healthcare system isn't good, but I certainly don't want to make it worse and revisit this issue in 3-5 years when it's proven to make healthcare and health insurance more expensive with more people underinsured and worse uninsured. Maybe what Congress needs is a distraction, or better, another vacation. They always seem to do their best when they're not in session.

Anyway, that's my view, full of punditry and some inaccurate information, but hey, I'm no worse than they are at lying, except their lies effects everyone, mine only me.

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