Friday, October 2, 2009

JMO - Fall Break

I've ranted and vented enough for awhile, and obviously it hasn't changed anything or anyone, except of course, myself, feeling better. But that even sometimes wears one out, so I'm going to take a break from writing about my opinion on the issues. I have other things to do for awhile, and while I won't stop reading newspapers, and maybe even posting an essay, I won't take aim at the idiots in Congress, Washington D.C. (as in the ad, "I'm in the other Washington. The state. You know Oregon, Idaho, Pacific Ocean.") and elsewhere.

Anyway, you can still read the other posts on other topics of life and the world, or what I know, see, understand and experience. You might find other news and opinion posts on my news and opinion blog. And as always, it's just my opinion. After all, it's my life as yours is yours. Just one in a 3+ billion people world. So with that, I'll park the soapbox here and focus on the real issues in my life. You're free to stop and chat or walk on by. Starbucks is just down the block at the corner.

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