Monday, October 12, 2009

LWD - Moving

I have decided to move the essays on my experience with and thoughts about Dysthymia to its own blog, found here. I was listening to Amanda Marshall's debut CD with some great songs, one "Birmingham" has the line, "She's never been more alone. She's never been more free."

That's it in a nutshell. Putting the series of essays, see Web page, allows me to focus on that and not get lost in the jumble of my photo blog. It doesn't hurt to be there, it was just kinda' getting lost in the different topics there.

The line is appropriate and apropos since being alone is freedom, total freedom. The idea can be found in lines in songs, plays, books, etc. We never seem very far from it, and some of us just live there as a state of being and mind. We're comfortable there. And it's where we're our best to ourselves and to the world. We're just like that.

We're not anti-social. That's not it, and something I hate when the media makes it into a newsstory and almost always wrong, and people, but more so friends, bring it up as "advice" to help us. They always invite us to social events, nights at taverns, etc., and keep pushing we need it. We don't. As you're uncomfortable being alone, we uncomfortable being in crowds.

Anyway, that's what I've done with the series of essays. This is the second series moved, the series of essays on Taosim was also moved to it's own blog over the weekend. This will be the last one moved from my photo blog as all of those relate to each other, my life, my experience and my photography. The "just my opinion" on issues will stay but really isn't related, there's too many to move.

Anyway, I'll keep the links to the old ones here, but they're duplicated on the new blog, so they're all in one place for everyone, and more so really me.

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