Friday, October 30, 2009

Website Ads

I hate Websites which have lots of ads. I hate them for two main reasons. One, the ads are distracting and only rarely for anything I'm remotely interested in, and even then, I won't click on them just so the Website gets a few thousandth of a cent. If I want to check out the product or company, I'll go to their Website. And in many cases, and maybe almost all, the ads don't fit the Website or Webpage.

And two, they're always the reason many Web pages are slow to load or won't load at all. It depends on how the Web designers built the ads into the presentation. Unfortunately this happen, really both reason, to one of my favorite Websites, Photo Net. The page will load, mostly, then stop, waiting for the ad server Websites to fetch the ad they want to display and then present.

Int the meantime, you wait for the Web page to finish loading, and you have to because some of the links are loaded after the ads. The worst time is when it's an ad on the top, so there is a blank window with the twilrling icon, "Loading" and status information, "Contacting..." After a few of these, I just kill the tab and do something else or go somewhere else.

The problem is these Websites use the ads to generate income. Granted it's not a lot, but enough they keep building them and sometimes more into the Web pages, which turn aggrevates the problems and frustration. It's not fun when you have you wait for ads you know you don't want or like simply to see what's there.

And even worse are the local on-line newspaper Websites. Geez, folks, enough already. The Web pages are already too full with links to news articles and stories which aren't yours but you're serving for free to generate traffic, but then you add all those stupid ads everywhere. Don't believe me? Check out the Seattle PI and Seattle Times Websites. It's why I don't go there.

It's why I don't put ads on my Website. I don't want the reader to be distracted, I don't want to have to find a way to fit the ads in the Web pages. And I don't want the ads for shit I don't or wouldn't recommend to anyone. If I want to do that, I'll write something with links to it and you can decide for yourself.

Anyway, it's just a rant or vent against Web ads. The whole issue and the money is really a sham or scam anyway because it's just money going in circles. You click on an ad, the Website gets credit and money from the ad company who gets money from the client, which gets money, hopefully, selling you something through their Website. You can skip the loop by just going to the Website.

And don't get me started on search engines crawling through Websites. They burden the users to the point they stop. The example above (Photo Net) grinds to a halt sometimes from Google crawling through the forums, images and material on the Website. The Website wants the search to get rankings on Google to promote itself to get more visitors to get more ads to get more money from ads.

You get the picture? So the easiest way to ruin a Website for your users and customers is with ads and search engines. It's not why you have a Website, it's about the content of your Website,, but that's often lost on the owners who see quanity of it all, visitors, ads, money, etc. The nature and business of the Internet.

So, while my Websites is search by Google for their search engine and analytics, that's all you'll see on mine. No ads, and the bullshit is miine.

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