Sunday, November 1, 2009

JMO - There is no right

I was listening to NPR's interview with David Axelrod about the debate between Generals in charge of the war Afghanistan, the President and Congress over the proprosed troop level increase there for next year. At moment he said, "We're taking our time because we want to get it right."

Well, there is no right. There is what you do and how well it works. That's it and that's all. Right is relative to the results with the gains and losses from your decisions and actions. Nothing more. That means there is no wrong. It's only what you do and how well you do it.

And somehow it's something we can't seem to learn. And the last thing I want is a President waitiing for the right decision which will be the right choice to bring the right result. Get rid of the word right and do your best and live with the results and adjust to and with what happens.

That's what life is about. And it's what war is about, especially in the complex war in Afghanistan. There are so many dynamic factors and groups you can't make a right decision, only the best at the time from the information you had with the circumstances you're faced with. Nothing more. Waiting may help, but it may do harm.

And it isn't about just this interview and the war in Afghanistan. It's about anything and everything. It's the nature of the world and events today. And all we can is the President have the best people around him to give him the widest and best advice, and then make the best decision. It won't be the right or even a right decision, just a decision when and where you adjust and adapt as things change.

George Bush made this mistake, as many people do, thinking there is a right and wrong. There is no black and white. It's all shades of gray. When people, like ole George did, assume their decisions are right, they're always bound to fail, because they don't see reality, don't understand the complexity of events, don't think they can fail, and don't realize their decision are probably wrong.

But now President Obama is almost the opposite. As I make comparisons sometimes, we went from Lucy to Charlie Brown. Not really, but sometimes, it's close. I'd just wish he and everyone lose the "right" idea about decisions and actions. I don't use it for what I decide and act. I only think and (sometimes or) act and adjust as it goes.

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