Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Website Update

You said something about interpersonal communications?

Update II.-- It's back and current. The problems were solved. The host of my Website moved all the Websites to a mega-server Website host in Florida, and some of the connections got screwed up and uploads lost. Lots of frustration and there will be more conversations.

Update.-- The host has done the worst thing imaginable. They've lost my Website from last week and restored and old version from February 2009, three version and 9 months ago. So whatever you do, please don't use the information until I can post that all is alive, well and current. I've been working with their IT folks, but they're not the most responsive people.

In addition I've discovered the new server isn't what they implied. The letter said they were moving to better servers, but instead they've moved to a Webiste hosting company, in Florida on less, which I guess is a way to unload the hosting computers on their end and focus on communications and network system. But then they moved all that stuff from Tacoma to Centralia (a rural SW Washington town). Go figure there.

In short, everything for me on their end is screwed up and badly at that. I can't update the new server (communications and interface problems) and I can't update the old one currently on-line (access frozen). For the money I'm paying, losing a week of access and current information really sucks, and I'm not holding my breath they'll give me credit or a discount.

Earlier post
Right now this is what I think and feel about my Website host (Rainier Connect). After their weekend work, Monday and Tuesday I updated the Website per the letter they sent to Website owners, as the work noted in the original post below. Well, Tuesday night after a trip and checking the Website when I got home, I discovered the Website wasn't updated, but the version of last week.

So, after a series of e-mail to the "helpdesk", which has been almost effectively useless in the past, they finally sent the e-mail of the computer folks in charge of the work. Yippee, except after several hours of e-mails sent but no returns I went to bed. They finally sent an explanation, at 1 am no less. They discovered the problem.

It seems they didn't transfer "some" of the Websites until the 16th and 17th, and from the old server. So all my updates, the entire Website didn't happen. I tested both days, but they appear to have overwritten my new version with the old version. They sent me the new ftp address, except it didn't work. Then they directed me to the new ftp server by IP address than name and it worked, and all the updates transferred. Or so I thought.

But now the Website can't be found on the new server. I either get the old server or nothing. The traceroute goes to California, then Florida and then into asterick heaven, stalling somewhere in Miami. Does the northwest look like Miami to a router? Well, I have e-mails again into them about both of these problems but considering it's 6 am, what do you think the chances of getting an answer?

Well, zip. Why? Because their mail server isn't working. Your e-mail just stalls waiting. I finally got the backup e-mail server to work. So now I wait. Needless to say, over the years Rainier Connect has been a good host and ISP, but when there have been problems, they are the worst host and ISP. And all they need to do is simple, communicate with the customers.

Why they don't see and do this I don't know. I was the manager of a data colllections system for 15 years and helped 10 tens years before that. Problems happen, but the last thing you need is angry customers and users, and it's helped by communications and information. They have all the information about who we are, our e-mail address(es), and the like. So why don't they?

That I don't know but this time, after losing my updated Website for most of a week, all the work through their problems with nothing to show for it beyond waiting, I'm pissed and will express it to their management somehow.

Original post
The Website is back on-line (host moved servers) with an updated version, WSR V2.7, as noted in the lower left hand corner of each Web page. The changes are tweaks and cosmetic so they're invisible. In addition, I updated the Mt. Rainier NP photo guide with similar tweaks so they're on the same version number and date. The date for both is January 2010 as I work into January on some newer updates and changes for both.

You're always welcome to send e-mail with your problems, question, suggestions, etc.

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