Monday, November 9, 2009

Update on apology

Well, I've been doing some homework about my Internet problems. I wrote about my conversation with my ISP's help desk and my apologies. I've seen talked with Apple (about Safari) and other folks, and had some interesting results with tests.

First, I worked on my computer and connection. I reinstalled Safari from Apple's download Web page. I removed all the third-pary plug-ins and after some tests reloaded just the necessary ones (Quicktime, Real Player, etc.). Things improved. Then I ran load tests with Safari, Firefox and OmniWeb. I got the same results.

I used commonly visited Websites and pages, and then some YouTube videos, from 2 to 7+ minutes ones. Before this problem I could downoad and watch a 7+ minute music video without interruption. Note, continuously and without interruptions. None. And after the problems started I'm lucky if it has less than a dozen interruptions, with all of the three browsers. After the fixes I'm down to a half dozen to a dozen depending on the time of the day.

So, the next step was the Domain Name Server (DNS). I moved the initial ones to OpenDNS, leaving the ISP's but these first. Suddenly things improved. The problem I suspected with the network, is that if the link can't find the DNS, then it can't go to the Website. When I switched DNS', I got faster responses and Web page loads.

So, that's where I'm at now. Still testing, but I'm scheduling visits with my ISP/Host and the local telephone company. I have the DSL through the ISP, meaning through their servers, because of my Website. I want to see if moving to the telephone companies will improve the service. The problem is that, like the cable companies, have to stop on a Website on their servers. If not, I'll likely move to them completely avoiding the ISP except for my Website.

And I'll talk with the ISP to see if they'll help resolve this problem, meaning help me find the problem, and if theirs, then check their equipment. I say this because everything worked well before (10/29) and hasn't since. I will stay with them for my ISP if we can resolve this problems. If not, then well, I'll see.

Anyway, that's the story so far. Troubleshooting is hard these days with the complexity of the system, but it's clear to me, that service is ofen lost in the process. I realize some of it is my fault and my stupidity, but I'm also always open to learn and help if I understand why than simply doing something because they want or think I'm wrong (why the first post).

And true to form, just when you're ready to raise the level of the issue with someone, the problem disappears. After lunch, the Internet connections are back to normal. Like someone rebooted or repowered some network equipment or computers. I didn't do anything, and I know the ISP won't admit to anything, so it's almost a non-issue or problem now.

Or not. I discovered another ISP with 10x DSL for only $5 more per month. And I won't have to go through their servers, routers, network and DNS', but a larger communications company system. Hmmm..., add it to the list of places to talk with people.

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