Monday, November 9, 2009

JMO - Stupid Male Arrogance

This applies equally to men and women. It's gender indifferent. It's about arrogance. And we all know even women can display stupid male arrogance. This is what men, and some women, are doing over the abortion amendments in the healthcare reform plan and now bills (House and Senate).

You're so stupid, you don't realize or seem to care it's not about you and your opinion or values. It's about women's right to get, understand and have the full range of services with the reproductive system. It's their body and they deserve all the information, services and any necessary surgery to ensure their health, whether pregnant or not.

It's about them, women. Nothing less and nothing more. So what don't you see or understand? Or will you sit on your stupid male arrogance and cite some family values issue, or some religious view, or some government doesn't do this doctrime, or whatever you espouse against family planning and abortion.

But the least you should do is to follow what doctors take and oath to do. And that is, first, do no harm. We elected you to do that, to help Americans. And taking away or restricting the rights of about half of the people, women, of this country, is pure male arrogance. Yes, you and yours.

And that goes for the other men, and women, who cater to the extreme to rewrite the healthcare bill to the opposition's liking, except they want more. Will you give them more, just for their votes, while it further restricts the rights of women? Are you so arrogant too you don't see it?

They know they can push and push this to their view, even restricting, or worse prohibiting, abortion by any health insurance, and require women to pay for it and any related service out of their own pocket. You won't stand up for women? You won't stand up for all those mothers who have unwanted pregnancies and later unwanted babies?

You're willing to bitch about the bad mothers in the country, but you forget you created them by denying them access to healthcare for their best health and future. You force women to have babies they didn't want and then you bitch about why they hate their babies? That's even worse arrogance.

Why don't you do the right thing? What do you have to lose? Oh, yes, votes. Screw your integrity. Screw women, and it they get pregnant, tough shit. And screw the American people who are on the side of women. You certainly aren't. And yes, I and they will remember when you're up for re-election. Remember both sides vote you up or down.

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