Tuesday, November 3, 2009

JMO - Fear is not a reason

The Republicans and conservative Democrats should conside the fact that fear for something which may not happen is not a reason to deny anyone rights, especially women's right to reproductive healthcare and all the necessary services. The Republicans and Democrats are threatening to vote against the healthcare reform bill solely on the grounds it "might" or "could" fund abortions with public funds. Like that's a bad thing?

Sorry, it's not and fear is not a reason for your narrow-minded view. The bill has the language to prevent that from happening, but again, like you've done with the whole healthcare reform issue, make mountains out of imaginary molehills. You take a small thing in a bill and make it the whole bill. How petty and stupid can you be?

I won't argue on some days I'm against the whole healthcare reform package Congress has produced, mostly because of its 500+ amendments are full of loopholes and other measures to help keep the health insurance companies powerful and rich (and highly profitable too). It doesn't address the fundamental problems with our healthcare system, but puts some expensive band-aids where in 3-5 years we'll see it didn't work.

And some days I'm really against it when they went after my healthcare plan, which would raise my premiums, reduce or deny coverage and provide a way to cancel it. That's my fear, which I know isn't a reason to oppose the whole bill, but on a personal level, it is to me, especially when my rates are already scheduled to go up 12-15% in January. The company is doing a pre-emptive strike against any Congressional bill.

And they should know many companies have written or been involved in writing many of the amendments on the behalf of our elected officials. We know Congress really isn't for Americans, but for the health insurance, healthcare and phamceutical corporations. We know that, and it's not fear, but reality.

And don't get me started on the AARP. They're worse because they disguise themselves reprensenting the elderly when they represent the companies they market to the elderly. They're the elderly's worst enemy. They showed that with the drug prescription bill years ago when they sponsored the doughnut hole because they sold insurance to the elderly for that gap in the coverage. They got richer on the elderly.

But I've wandered away from the point. Abortion. The bill as written is clearly nothing to fear and nothing to cite as a reason to fear. So to the Republicans and Democrats against it, get off your high moral horse and become a human being for a change. Understand the needs of women. Can you really do that? Or do you really want to?

It's called Trust Women. They know what to do about their healthcare and reproductive system. Certainly you don't and certainly your morality doesn't entertain the thought. But I'm not like you, nor do I want to be. You're simply too arrogant to want to care about women enough to trust them.

So lose the fear and get on with the show. And for God's sake trust women.

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