Thursday, November 5, 2009

My apologizes

I wrote about my troubles with the network and my browser. Well, I can't solve the network problems, but after running some tests I reinstalled Safari, and the test ran again without any problems. So, in part, the helpdesk was right with some of the problems. So, I sit corrected. I don't know what or why Safari went south on my computer. The disk is fine and some of the Website and Web pages issues, slow or lags in downloading is still there.

Anyway, I apologize to my ISP for the problems on my end. The traceroute still has the same problems with interruptions which the ISP should look at. When a normal 2-3 second traceroute to their own servers takes 15-20 seconds, something is wrong, and this time, I don't think it's me or my computer. But my side is back working correctly.

Update 11/6/09.--The problems with lags and stalls wasn't there this morning but started sometime between 3-4 pm, and since the test show the same problem with both Safari, new installed version, and Firefox, the problem is on their end, in their network and equipment. Test were run on Youtube music videos and Web pages with extensive blog entries, lots of ads or lots of images.

Update 11/7/09.--The problems still persist, to the point between 5 and 6 am, there were very few minutes it worked at all let alone slowly. And after 6 am it's been intermittent at best. But I've found Safari has a problem. If the connections is broken, the stalls and lags in the ISP's servers, Safari doesn't know to stop. It keeping trying to contact and when contact is made, it doesn't load. You have to stop and reload the Web page. Firefox doesn't seem to have the probelm nd quickly resumes loading after the connection is back.

Anyone care to guess if I can convince them of that without going through their hoops again or dismissing me as a dumb customer?


  1. I know how you feel. I DO have a problem with the general lack of customer service. Because none of these companies want to pay over minimum wage - or LESS if they can outsource to India, they mostly get people who don't know anything and are only reading from a script... and all the scripts end with the customer getting the blame.

    I just went through this with my cable company (Charter) and after weeks of phone calls they finally fixed THEIR problem (after telling me it was me, repeatedly).

    I had a general idea what was wrong but that didn't matter. Explaining my expertise in electronics/computers/networking etc. didn't help - the person on the other end just paused (probably looking like a deer in headlights) and then resumed reading from the script.

    Eventually, enough people reported the same problem (each getting the same runaround crap) that someone FINALLY passed it on to a person who knew JACK about something ...and it got fixed.

    If they actually wanted to help people, they'd hire someone like...well, ME. But I don't really want to do it for 7.50 an hour part time.... So don't get me started on "tech support" :)

  2. Thanks for the response. The problem I've often, but not always, had is the attitude, sometimes arrogance, of the help folks, assuming the problem is always the customer. It still may be but there are better ways to approach and talk with a customer.

    You're right about their assumption of the technical intelligence of the customer. In this case all the help technician had to do was suggest running test with browers under similar conditions to see if it was the browers (which it was), and they'll look at the lag issue with the servers. Not once did he say he would do or forward anything on their end to see if there are problems.

    And I've had previously problems with my ISP which was entirely their fault, but it took them 2+ days to see and fix it, and then only after going there in person. The problem is that, as you note, customer service has problem everywhere, so it's often the lesser of evils who want to talk with.

    The problem is that I have just enough knowledge to understand the basics and ask for help and guidence, and get angry when treated like something less.