Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A simple abortion question

I want to ask all the anti-choice advocates and especially all the anti-abortion rights people, and even more so, those members of Congress who oppose abortion, if there were a ban on abortion, do you really think it would end abortion? Or would you rather push abortion into the illegal market which risks both the life of the mother and the fetus?

Do you realize banning abortion will be worse for both the mother and the fetus? Is that your values? To make women suffer and perhaps die? To kill fetuses? The very lives you're trying to save. Do you really think women will think twice about an abortion? To spend 9 months hating themselves and then their baby? Is that the lives you want?

Is that what you want? Because that's exactly what will happen. Abortions won't decrease. They'll only move to the illegal market as was before abortion rights existed. Do you realize that increasing family planning education and services, increasing coverage for reproductive rights, including abortion, and allowing abortion in hospitals and clinics, even with public funds, will improve women's healthcare and reduce the need for and the number of abortion?

It's not just about abortion. It's about education and services for women healthcare and family planning. The more women know and can be helped, the more women will be better and the less there will be unwanted pregnancies, and the less need or desire for abortions. It's not counter-intuitive, it's common sense. It's about helping women make the choices which works for them and their lives.

Banning abortion won't stop abortions. Banning funding for abortions won't stop abortions. Neither will reduce the number of abortions. But it will increase complications from the lack of pregnancy care or the risks and deaths from illegal abortions. And being intentionally dumb and blind won't change that, only show your attitude and discrimination against women.

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