Monday, March 1, 2010

JMO - Boycott guns

I've written about how much I don't think the publc display of guns by citizens are necessary today, especially in almost every common situation of our daily life. And I don't think they're necessary in national parks. And I don't think businesses should tolerate customers openly displaying a gun.

The case in point is reaching a point where gun advocates and activitsts are actively making their point by carrying guns in public, including stores where there are families. Children don't need to see adults with guns in those environments. That's common sense, but it seems the advocates think guns trump being human and having common sense.

I applaud businesses, such as Peet's Coffee and Teas and others, who ban guns in their business. That's their right as gun owners claim it's there's to carry a gun. Business are private property and they can legally ban guns, for the protection of their property, employees and customers. They don't know whether someone with a gun is a criminal or not.

I not only applaud that, I'll go farther to say, it's time the other side, us common sense gun ownership advocates, acted. So I will, and will advocate anyone else, boycott businesses who allow guns in their establishment. I don't care how essential you are to me, I will find another business for the same products or services.

That's my freedom. I will speak with my wallet. You want my business, then ban guns, so I and everyone else are safe. That's good customer relations. No one has the absolute right to walk into a business displaying a gun. That's common sense, and enforced, in many places, like banks, hospitals (security and law enforcement excepted), government buildings and facilities (same exception), and many public facilities and events.

It's also common sense almost everywhere else. You may be able to carry and display a gun, but you can't bring it out and especially use it, so why carry it except to show how insensitive and inconsiderate of others you are? Everyone else doesn't know you and doesn't trust you, so why be ridiculously stupid enough to prove your lack of humanity for others?

So, that's my proposition. If businesses allow people with guns, outside the obvious people where it's necessary, you won't have my money and you will have a spokensperson to let you and other customers know you don't care.

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