Saturday, March 6, 2010

NPR - Guns

Just so people understand my view on guns. I'm not against them, only for the reasonable management of them for the protection, safety and security of the public. In the public interest as the saying goes. I don't believe our founding fathers intended the Second Amendment to mean the way it has recently been interpreted by gun rights activists and under judicial activism.

I believe the founding fathers intended the ownership of guns were for the private use by individuals, and if necessary, for the formation of militias by the government to fight our country's enemy. Remember this was before we had fully and officially established the various military arms of the government where militias were necessary in defense of this country.

That's why they have the prefix with this Amendment. They didn't intend for the free and unrestricted ownership and use of guns by citizens. But that said, I'm not against the ownership and use for specific needs and interests. And here are some thoughts.

I am for severe sentences for people committing crimes with guns, especially in cases of threats and intimidation against a group or crowd of people and domestic violence and case involving law enforcement and officers.

I am for the ownership and responsible use of weapons for hunting. My grandfather lived his entire life in Wyoming and hunted to feed his family. He never killed for sport. I learned to shoot in the southern Idaho desert hunting jack rabbits.

I am for ownerhips and use of a gun for the protection of you and your family or for visitors in your own home or on your property when circumstances or the situation warrants it.

Those are fair and reasonable expectations. But I don't believe in our world today any citizen needs to walk around with a loaded gun openly displayed on their person. Exceptions are reasonable, as defined by concealed weapons permits granted by each state. These are fair use due to the circumstances or situation in their life and work. I support that.

I can not find any reason a person needs to walk around in public places and spaces, commercial and private places, and other areas openly carrying a loaded weapon. There is no danger to them or anyone else. They are restricted in the use of the weapon, which is mostly for self-defense. It's inconsiderate to endanger others by carrying the weapon.

The truth is that other people don't know you and don't trust you. It doesn't matter how qualified and experienced you are or think you are (guns often exagerates the imagination about one's skills), you will almost certainly exacerbate any situation with your gun, especially if you decide to use it. And you can bet the police will not see you as a help and likely more a hindrance to any situation.

That said, here are some views I do believe in about guns.

I am for the registration of guns with the local law enforcement agencies so they have some understanding of the potential danager to officers in the event they need to access your home. This has repeatedly been shown to be needed when police find extensive weapons caches in homes of individuals after entering the home for legal reasons or purposes.

I am for the gun owners to ensure the weapons in their home are in a safe and secure location in the home and can not be accessed by children. Again, it's the news stories of children and young adults accessing weapons in the home and news stories of family members quickly accessing them during domestic disputes.

I am for gun owners to be registered, trained and licensed by local law enforcement.

I am for guns stores to fully comply with the local, state and federal law governing the sale of guns and the mandatory owner check.

I am for the FBI and ATF to be fully funded to accomplish the mandates and tasks Congress has established for them for guns, the sale of guns, the oversight of gun sellers and resellers (gun shows), and the illegal market of guns.

I am for better national standards to get all states on the same page for all laws and regulations for guns, guns owners, and gun sellers and reseller (gun shows).

I am for the regulation of gun shows to prevent the near-complete open, unrestricted market of guns.

I am for the strict regulation of some type of weapons to citizens, especially those designed and manufactured specifically killing people, such as automatic pistols, automactic rifles, assault rifles, large caliber rifles, etc.

In short, we need a balanced approach for and with guns to ensure the basic right of ownership of guns for the home or property, for hunting, and other reasonable purposes are allowed with certainty of the ability and quality of the owner to understand both the use and potential damage of guns.

Outside of that, I'm against the open display of carrying of them by individuals anywhere outside the home or property except for specific purposes, such as hunting, shooting ranges, etc. There has to be laws governing guns for the welfare, safety and security of everyone in this country.

I will update this page when I find errors, I think of more ideas, I get more or better information, I change my mind, or whatever else crosses my mind on the subject.

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