Monday, March 1, 2010

JMO - Congressional Oxymoron

That's it. Congress and ethics. I was reading where the Congressional Ethics Committee determined that Representatives who got campaign funds from entites in return for directly federal monies in grants, contracts, etc., commonly called Congressional earmarks, did not voilate any ethics rule because there was no obvious direct connection between the campaign and the earmarks.

Now that's a really big, "Huh?" Or worse, a "What the fuck?" What didn't the Ethics Committee not see that the public sees? Someone writes you a check and shortly later, they get federal money. Gee, is it that invisible? The argument the earmark was "criteria independent" of the campaign is empty. They cited two of them for clear and obvious connections, but found five others less so obvious.

Gee, only because they did a better job of hiding the money trail? You found it. You connected the dots. You saw the campaign contribution to the earmark. But you said they weren't related? To me, and most of the public, you're being intentionally blind, ignornant and dumb. That is obvious. But they apparently you don't see even that.

What, you don't know the story of the emperor with no clothes? Well, consider ethics your imaginary set of clothes and you just walked out to meet the public and talk to the press. Except to us, you, well let's say, are buck naked. Yup, naked of ethics as the worst of anyone in Congress. Either the House or the Senate. It doesn't matter.

Just naked of ethics. Except the lowest kind possible, take the corporations and lobbyists money, give them tax breaks and cuts, give them grants and contracts - don't forget it's our, the taxpayers', money, give them access to write bills, give them your time on trips and speeches, and whatever else they want. You're bought and sold.

And that's obvious too. No ethics and no standards. All you have is your political rhetoric for voters, lies we all know, and your power. It's really is the old adage about power and money. And you're the obvious example. Only naked in the face of reality and the truth.

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