Friday, March 5, 2010

Trust women

Dear Congress,

Don't gamble or play politics with women's rights, especially the right to the complete suite of information and services about their reproductive system. It's simple, just don't. Don't give in to the arrogant men in Congress who want to strip the existing rights and funding of abortion and other services for women. It's not about these arrogant Representatives or Senators. It's about women.

The groups in the House led by Representative Stupak and the group in the Senate who oppose funding for abortion are playing political games and gambling they can get the other side, the vast majority in the House and Senat,e to give in to their narrow-minded view of the women and their rights to make decisions about their body. It's not more than extreme sexism on their part.

The current laws prevent the funding of abortion with federal money except when the pregnancy involves, rape, incest or the health of the woman or fetus. That's a pretty tough, but reasonable and acceptable standard. Not one I like, but I'll accept. Anything less is worse and unacceptable to me.

Both the House and Senate healthcare reform bills have language in that doesn't just keep the status quo for abortion, but makes it worse for them. I won't argue, as some have, the numbers about who pays for abortion, and mostly women or families out of their own pocket, supports these versions. Except that ignores the fact that the current law works. It doesn't need to be worse.

But these arrogant Representatives and Senators are holding this issue hostage for their own personal gain. It doesn't help the 51+% of our population (women) who need the information and service throughout their life. The vast majority of men knows and support the status quo. this. The vast majority of the public knows and supports the status quo. So what don't they understand?

The point is they do. They're just being assholes of the biggest size you can imagine, and in public too. They only have their religious view (mostly Catholic) to say it's right. We know otherwise. And we know this isn't the way to pass healthcare reform.

Both bills should not include any new language about abortion.

Leave it as it current exists in the law. That's common sense. That's the right and fair answer. That's what the American people want. That's what almost all women will accept. What's not to understand?

Mr Stupak and the rest of them should have to face the reality their being mean and demeaning to women and to their families. We see it. It's that obvious. But apparently you want to be blind to reality and the truth.

You simply don't want to trust women.

There is no other way of understanding your arrogance. And the leadership in both houses should simply ignore them and exclude any new language governing access to information or service for reproduction and abortion. Just keep the status quo. Bad as it is, it's works. Don't make life worse for women.

I'll trust women, but apparently you folks don't. Or enough to believe in and support their rights.

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