Friday, March 5, 2010

Response to Starbucks

Update.--I am wrong on my information, changes are noted in this color in the post.

I'll respond to Starbucks' e-mail. You can read their response to my initial e-mail via their customer contact Web page. My answer back to them was simple, they have lost a customer for good and I will boycott their store unless it is not logistically possible, meaning there are no other cafes or coffee shops in the area to serve my needs.

It appears Starbucks would rather take the political low road and put customers and employees at risk and allow customers to carry weapons into a Starbucks store. Here in Washington, in some ways, I won't argue there is merit to their view. The gun law here specifically states that while you can carry a gun openly, concealed with a permit, there are restrictions with that right.

These are as follows.

1. The gun can be carried loaded except where excplicity prohibited.

2. The gun can not be carried indoors where explicitly prohibited.

3. The gun can not used (fired) except in self-defense.

4. The gun can not used to threaten or intimidate another person.

5. A permit is necessary to transport any weapon in a vehicle.

This pretty much nullifies any real reason to carry a gun. You can't do much more than carry it. So, why carry it except to display your demand to carry it and show people you're insensitive and inconsiderate of the safety and security of others. It's just a display of impotency.

And contrary to what the gun rights advocates say, which is, "Criminals don't openly carry guns", now they can and there will be no way to discern them from you, the "law abiding citizen exercising his 2nd Amendment rights." How do you think the public will know and distinguish the difference between a law abiding citizen and a criminal? Or a citizen who suddenly gets angry and remembers he has a gun?

And Starbucks expect its customers and employees to do this? Any bets you can't walk into the Starbucks headquarters here in Seattle with a gun? The point is many businesses in Washington ban employees from carrying guns into work, some even on company property. Guns are banned in many public places where it's appropriate for public safety and security.

Several businesses have banned them, such as Peet's Coffee and Tea, to better serve customers. They would rather protect customers and employees than cater to the whims of a small minority of guns rights activists who demand attention and like to intimidate people.

In short, there is no reason to carry a gun in public unless it is part of your job, in which case you will have the requisite training and permits. Otherwise, it's just public intimidation. And Starbucks has decided money trumps people. Anything for profit, even at the expense of customers and employees.

So, I will boycott Starbucks as long as it's logistically possible, meaning I'll take my business elsewhere. If Starbucks can make decisions for money, so can I.

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