Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Apple Safari 6

Well, stupid me for updating to Apple's new version 6 of Safari, designed to mimic more iPad use and look. And yeah, on a Mac, it's sucks. I mean really sucks. And here's why.

First, the tabs are not fixed width anymore, but vary with the width of the browser window and number of tabs open. This may work on iPads and iPhones but not on Mac with larger monitor and browser windows.

Second, the activity window is not available as a window but in the developer window. The activity window is extremely useful to monitor when Web pages load to find problems, broken links, large files, etc., and putting it as a developer window on the bottom isn't smart because it's smaller and only applies to the Web page in the tab, not all the tabs.

Third, the view source code option is not in the view options but in the developer window options. This helps Web designers and user who look at the code to understand the Web page(s), and displaying it in a very small window isn't smart for the same reason, too small on the bottom.

These two take away viewing space in the browser window, opening on the bottom. As separate windows, the user could still see the who Web page(s) and the activity and source code. This change doesn't help anyone.

Fourth, the Google search window in the toolbar is encorporated in the URL window, no separate windows. That's more personal choice, but still it should be a choice or a toolbar option. And what's with the dimming of the URL past the domain name? What function does that serve, like we're searching for the URL we typed in the window?

I'll add more to this list as I discover their stupidity. Apparently Apple thinks users are idiots and don't want information with the browser. Gee, I thought that type of thinking only persisted at Microsoft, but I guess the people at Apple are drinking the iPad/iPhone cool-aid for Macs. So to them I say.

Mac's are NOT iPads or iPhones

I still like Safari but not version 6. And sadly you can't uninstall it or reinstall the old version. There's no going back. I've tried two overnight copies and a clone version. So, to Apple I say.

Apple you really suck this time!

Yeah, really. And to others.

Do not install Safari 6 in the Apple update

Because you can't go back to Safari 5.1.7. It won't work from any source routine backups, Time Machine or a clone copy. They changed something where it won't open. And you can't reinstall 5.1.7 as the installation prevents installing it over any newer version of itself.


  1. Hello, is it possible to update to Mountain Lion without installing Safari 6?

  2. Sorry, not from what I've learned and tried so far, Safari 6 is an intergral part of OS-X 10.8. And sadly for Lion users once you upgrade from Safari 5.1.7 to 6, you can't go back to the older version, the OS-X won't allow it.

    Apple has become the master of your computer telling you what you can and can't install. Now with Lion and more so with Mountain Lion, they have become just like that other computer company known for doing stupid things in an attempt to think they know what users want, sadly they're just as bad as the other company doing it.