Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sorry Apple - Not

After installing the latest update to many of Apple's app this morning, which seem more to bring them in line with OS-X 10.8, Mountain Lion, I have to say I won't be upgrading to Mountain Lion for awhile, like months.

Really. You really screwed up with new Safari 6 with the changes to remove really nifty features and functions (see previous post) for the look and function like an iPad, except a Mac with a 27" monitor is not an ipad. They're different platforms with different uses and needs, so why consolidate the browser and not keep some differences to suit each platform?

And reading about the changes in Mountain Lion the last few weeks, I don't like any of the new things and changes, and don't want my user interface to look like my iPad. It's why I have an iPad, and not why I have the Mac. The Mac is a computer, not a tablet. What don't you understand? And sorry I don't use the iCloud beyond e-mail and only that because it was required from the transfer of my Mobile Me account.

The truth is I set the Mac under Lion to mimic Snow Leopard, which I consider the last best user operating system. I keep my Mac separate from my iPad and iPhone and don't use the iCloud except for one e-mail account. I also update or transfer anything to the iPad or iPhone via the Mac which has all the files for them.

If you're wondering, or not, why? I don't trust the iCloud for two reasons. It's not a cloud but larger server systems which stores everything you want there, so it's not like it's private or anything. And that's the second reason, do you really trust Apple or any cloud storage with any of your computer stuff?

Apparently simplicity isn't an Apple priority anymore. The activity window and view source code were two very simple, easy to use features which are now gone. They're in the developer window but don't work or look the same. You didn't have to remove these features. So why did you?

And if this is any indication of Mountain Lion, you can count me out until it's a necessity. For now I've wasted $20 bucks on other things far worse, but right now, I can't think of one after Mountain Lion.

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