Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Not

What Mitt Romney and the Republicans don't understand about the American people? It's simple.

It's Not About the Money!

It's about what money can do to help them in their life, with the family and for their future. That's what it's about, the usefulness of money to help and improve one's life. Money is the means, not the end.

And that's what Romney doesn't understand because all he and his friends, the Republicans and corporations know is money as the end. More of it however you can, cheat, lie, steal, fraud, whatever, and above all else, buy politicians to help you get richer.

The average American from the lowest to the moderate incomes simply want enough money to pay the bills, buy a home, help their children, provide for their retirement and ensure financial disasters don't devastate their life. It's that simple. Having a good life and money is the means.

When all politicians understand, accept and decide to do that, then America and Americans will be greater than we are now. So, how about it politicians? Or am I just talking to deaf ears, closed minds and empty hearts?

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