Monday, July 23, 2012

Who We Are

In light of the massacre in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and the information about the proliferation and ease of purchasing guns and ammuntion, there is a very clear view that when it comes to this nation and us as a people, we are our own worst enemy. When anyone can buy a weapons arsenal to kill tens of people, and a few can kill many more, what's not to think anyone can, and some do, what we fear, killing Americans is very easy.

Many more Americans have been killed every year by other Americans than those killed on September 11, 2001. And yet we don't do anything about it while we fight endless wars against enemies in faraway countries who number fewer than those killed every year in the US. Why do we fear them more than we fear our ability and capacity to kill each other?

There are an estimated 245 million-plus guns in the US, and more made and sold every year. The shooter in Colorado had an automatic rifle with a high capacity clip and 3,000 rounds of ammuntion, a 12-gauge shotgun with 350 rounds of ammunition and two handguns with another 3,000 rounds of ammunition. That's not for personal safety and protection.

And no laws or checks stopped him from buying those and more. For what? Think about it. In the end, only one thing that is very clear, this is who we are, and like it or not, we are our own worst enemy. So why aren't we fighting that?

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