Friday, July 27, 2012

Consider This

If you're one of the minority who don't want any new gun laws, meaning additional to the current existing laws, then consider this thought. What if a lawful gun owner, meaning someone who has no criminal background and bought all their guns and ammunition legally, walked into the establishment and shot a number of people, killing some and injurying many, one or more of whom were members of your immediate family, what would you think and how would you feel then?

Wait, it did happen, in the town where I went to high school, started college and enlisted in the military, Aurora, Colorado. What would you say to those families who lost loved ones or are facing life with a loved one serious physically injured or traumatized by the events in the theater? And if one of those families was yours? What would you tell yourself then?

Would you then still support the right of the shooter who was a lawful gun owner who bought all his guns and ammunition legally? Would you still defend his Second Amendment rights? Would you still think guns are the highest right a person has in this country? Even over the rights of the public to be safe and secure in public?

Would you still consider, if you're not already, being a member of the NRA and their political view on guns? And the NRA? Where are you in light of the facts about the shooter? He wasn't crazy, maybe obsessed, but not crazy. He was intelligent and smart. And he had no criminal background. He was the perfect NRA member. A good citizen. Really? Really.

And still would be if he hadn't walked into the movie theater heavily armed with clear intentions. And that's the point, what do we do now? All the words, even mine, are useless in the face of this tragedy. All of the words are meaningless if nothing changes. So what do we do now? Consider that too.

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