Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Consider the Thought

Consider the thought that Mitt Romney is approaching the Presidential campaign and election as a takeover as he did many times with companies when he ran Bain Capital. And if elected, he'll run the government like a company he took over when he ran Bain Capital, meaning suck the money out of the government for the company and himself, and in this case, the company isn't us the taxpayers, but the corporations who are his friends.

Consider the thought he'll gut or subvert government like he did the companies he took over when he worked for Bain Capital, meaning stripe everything from government, like the departments he said in the primary campaign he would eliminate (energy, EPA, education, health and human services, etc.), and then rewrite regulations to help his friends, the corporations.

Consider the thought he would appoint all this corporate cronies and former GW Bush people, you remember them when they oversaw two large tax cuts, TARP (the $800 Billion bank bailout), the Medicare drug doughnut hole and two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, all of which was not paid by taxes and went directly into the national debt, to agency leadership positions to do their work with his policies.

Consider the thought that he doesn't give a thought about the national debt and won't give much thought about the annual deficit unless it relates to domestic spending, the 15% which isn't entitlement programs (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.), the defense, security and intelligence agencies, especially the longterm capital defense purchases, and the interest on the national debt. It's that 15% he'll blame for everything and propose to cut.

In fact, the higher the deficit and debt, the higher the interest, the more he can cut domestic spending. The more he can say it's about the deficit and debt, but then he'll recommend more tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. And the more he can increase defense spending and more on homeland security, which is to help corporations who get all those contracts.

Consider the thought he would run the government and this country like he ran Bain Capital. Is that what you want? Be one of Bain Capital victim's? To be left without a job, broke, no health insurance? And to be left with a President who doesn't care about us?

Consider the thought that this is what he's thinking. Really.

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