Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Well, hope? Maybe? The team is now only 5 games under .500. This after getting to 7 games under .500 then dropping to 11 games under .500, by winning 7 games in a row before losing 5 games a row and now winning 6 games in a row.

The team is playing hard, which turns into wins, and while they have a top ten pitching staff in baseball, 3rd in the American League, and the best defense in baseball, they're always in trouble when they play teams with better offenses their pitching can't shut down. They simply don't have the offense against better pitching.

But still there's hope for the season. It won't be the same as the last few years if they continue to play hard. And they can, just maybe, get back to .500? We can hope. You still gotta like them. They might be playing over their head, much like Oakland and Baltimore, but still they're playing better 4 other American League teams and 8 National League teams.

There's not a big name player on the team outside of Felix Hernandez, but they're playing as a team and learning to win. If only they had some better hitters. There's always next season. But this one is turning out to be a good one too.

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